Retailers using our Retail Management Software have options at their fingertips for competing with the SALE mentality which is gripping so many retailers not only in Australia but globally.

Thanks to smart selling tools, our retail partners can take a more creative approach to showing value.

Consider these options…

  • BUY THIS AND GET THAT FOR FREE.  Our Point of sale software manages this for you, charging customers the right price and tracking stock movement regardless of whether the item is free or not.
  • 3 FOR 3, 4 FOR 3, 2 FOR 1.  Instead of saying 50% off you could run a two for one sale.  Our software handles this, charging the correct amount.  While everyone around you is offering percentages off, you can promote that you are running a value add campaign.
  • BONUS LOYALTY POINTS.  Instead of giving a straight discount, you have the option, using our Loyalty Management facilities, of giving your customers bonus points.  This is used effectively by some major retailers.

In addition to providing these value options, our software also helps retailers manage the duration of the offer by automatically starting and stopping the offer – without the need to remember.

While our software also handles the automatic management if regular discounts should you want to take that more traditional approach, it is the other value differentiation options which provide flexibility to the smart retailer.

Differentiation is important in retail.  This is why the pricing options available in our software are important to our customers.  They enable our customers to demonstrate value without playing the same discounting game played by their neighbours.

Retailers bereft of creativity run with the percentage off sale.  Indeed, some major Australian retailers appear to be running year-round sales.  While this initially looks good to customers, it soon becomes the norm and the value of the discount is lost.  There is where the better managed and more flexible approach recommended through our software is better for retailers.