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Gerry Harvey and His Rich Mates Need to Look at Small Business

When the wind is in their sales, nothing can get in the way of Gerry Harvey and his rich retailer mates.  The moment there is a spoiler, they complain and call on the government to help.

Their current shrill campaign calling for the government to act is ill conceived and mis-communicated.

Yes, GST should apply to all items purchased in Australia regardless of whether they are supplied from an offshore warehouse or not.

Where the Gerry Harvey led campaign falls down is that Australians have no appetite for a rich head of a retail group which delivers poor customer service telling the Australian Government that they should be protected.

It is no wonder that there has been a shopper backlash against the campaign.  The common thread of shopper complaints is that customer service sucks in Harvey Norman and other major retail outlets.

This is where small business excels.  Small business retailers are more likely to offer friendlier and more knowledgeable customer service.  Small business retailers generally live locally and hire local employees.  They are better connected to the community.

A small business led campaign educating shoppers about the growing cost to their business of the free GST kick to overseas retailers would have a better chance of gaining grass-roots support and thereby engaging government in finding a solution.

The more Gerry Harvey and his rich mates are on TV complaining the more my small business retail friends can remind their customers of the difference between rich, big and bloated retailers and customer centric small business retailers.



  1. When a billionaire driving a Bentley to inspect his million dollar race horse starts crying poor the public will have little sympathy.


  2. Gerry doesn’t like it when he cant tell people what to do or dismiss them, Hardly Normal don’t pay that well anyway.
    Now he knows the power of the people and they have spoken.
    So now he is going to setup his own offshore internet shopping site – i bet he wont pay Chinese employees well or GST either

    Go Harvey Two Face Go


  3. Reported this morning, Retailers post record 7 billion sales profit on post Christmas sales…

    I’d like a please explain if retailers start laying off employees with these figures. I realize that these figures run across a variety of stores, however, that profit is nothing to whinge about by anyone’s standards.

    Another thing we ALL need to realize is that Aussie jobs will ALWAYS be jeopardy. With large companies going into receivership and employees being forced to take redundancy packages.
    Mining companies not being able to find skilled workers and having to look overseas.
    These are facts that we have to accept. No one’s job is safe in this day and age, Not even Gerry’s.

    What Gerry already knows is that his business is highly competitive, he’s trying his best to stay up there with competition (and I believe he is). However, we as people have the right to shop when and where we like regardless if any retailer thinks it’s fair or not.

    It’s the Aussie tax system OVERALL that has to change Gerry, not the rules regarding tax on goods. Maybe you retailers with 7b dollar profits could channel some of that cash in that direction and help the whole country, not just yourselves.


  4. Read the report again Warren,
    It states that Total Sales are $7 Billion not profits and that this will go nowhere near making up for the losses retailers have suffered in 2010.

    The economy is not as strong as the Govt pretends it is and with the Floods in QLD about to hit we are going to see some bad times ahead.

    Wake up Warren and learn to read the whole story.


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