We are working with Gift Shops using our Gift Shop software and helping them leverage opportunities for their businesses in 2011.From improving online sales through to reconfiguring the range of products in the store and reassessing operating procedures, our Gift Shop software is able to help Gift Shop owners expect good things from 2011.

While major retailers in Australia are waging a public relations war against online businesses, especially those located overseas, we have ensured that our software helps retailers to operate an online as well as bricks and mortar business.   The interface we have developed between e-commerce solutions and our Point of Sale software makes it easier for Gift Shop owners to trade in both retail situations.

By knowing exactly the speed with which products move off the shop floor, Gift Shop owners using our Point of Sale software are able to make better quality fact-based decisions.  We have found that many gift shop owners continue to carry certain lines because they look nice.  A nice looking product which does not move withing a commercially viable period of time is of little value to the business.

Beyond the technology, we help Gift Shop owners understand the value of the data they have and how they can leverage this data into growth for their business.

Our software is a means to achieving our goal of helping Gift Shops grow and improve profitability this year.  

Gift Shops are one of the few truly independent and local retail businesses left in Australia. The differences between businesses are considerable.  This uniqueness of each Gift Shop places a considerable burden on Gift Shop owners and managers as they need to rely on data from their business for their decisions.