A retail business is only as good in the eyes of a customer as the last contact.  This is why retailers need to focus on delivering the best possible customer experience every time.

One bad experience can see a regular customer not return ever.  Worse still, they will most likely talk to friends and news of the poor experience soon spreads far and wide.

Tower Systems Point of Sale software helps small business retailers deliver better customer service consistently in a number of ways.

  1. Streamlining the sales process.  Thanks to integrated EFTPOS, fast and accurate selling, easy access to vital business data at the counter and guidance through a consistent sale process, retail employees are better equipped to deliver professional service consistently.
  2. Accurate trading.  Getting change right, accurately billing credit cards, accurately recording Lay-Bys, accurate customer statements … these all build customer confidence and customer confidence is a vital element in the customer service experience in retail.
  3. Supporting processes.  Informative customer receipts accurately document the sale, provide additional information (and marketing) to customers and document any conditions.  retailers too often do not issue receipts and miss an opportunity to reinforce the professional retail experience.
  4. Followup.  Emails, letters and other communications to customers based on their purchases can demonstrate the customer service commitment of a business.
  5. Knowledge.  The best demonstration of good customer service is through knowledgeable answers to questions at the sales counter or on the shop floor.  A Point of sale system which facilitates this will help the business show off its customer service credentials.
  6. Having stock.  Too often, retailers do not replenish based on what stock has sold.  Doing this will help the business have available for customers the products they are looking for.

The key with these and other opportunities for improving the customer service experience in a retail business is consistent application of the opportunities in the software.

Point of Sale software from Tower Systems is packaged with excellent customer service experience opportunities.  through our training, advice sheets and free online training videos we help our customers leverage these facilities and thereby reinforce their commitment to customer service.

The most significant difference between a small business retailer and a big business retailer is customer service, personal customer service.  In big business, employees are given scripts and rules to follow.  In small business, the customer is more likely to experience personal service and a genuine smile.  Our Point of Sale software makes it easier for small business by taking care of many tasks and freeing staff during the sale for delivering the personal experience.