Jeweller Software from Tower Systems has helped another Jeweller discover and resolve an employee theft situation.  Costing the business tens of thousands of dollars until discovered, implementing the Tower Jeweller Software was the key to discovering this fraud against the business.

Thanks to extraordinary transaction and business activity tools, jewellers are able to dig deep into business data and assess employee behaviour and through this uncover potential fraud.

Tower Systems matches the tools in the software with excellent back office assistance in assessing the suspicious behaviour tracked by the software.  Our theft experts have been used in police offices and several courts to deal with retail employees caught stealing from their employers.

Jewellers are uniquely challenged in the area of employee theft because of the high value of inventory and the large sums of cash which can pass through a business.  The Tower Systems Jewellery Software provides jewellers and their managers with a suite of tools with which to protect against theft and quickly uncover such an event should it occur.

Theft can kill a retail business.  Caught early enough, it can be stopped before the damage to the business is too great. This is where the Tower Systems Jeweller Management Software shines, as we have found out over the last couple of weeks.

Theft management is just one of the areas where the Tower Systems Jeweller Management Software helps jewellers run more efficient, successful and profitable businesses.  Jewellers of all sizes use the software to track sales, track stock, reorder stock, manage customers, drive marketing campaigns, manage seasonal sales campaigns, track and record services such as repairs and valuations as well as report on overall business performance to a range of Key Performance Indicators.