Through our partnership with the Australian Gift and Homewares Association (AGHA) and our membership of the NZ Gift Trade Association, we offer preferential pricing for gift shop software, what we consider to be the best Gift Shop Software.

Using our Gift Shop Software, gift shop owners can expect better returns from their businesses … increased sales, lower operating costs, less theft and better buying decisions.

The tangible benefits available from our leading Gift Shop Software can be demonstrated among many users of the software today.

AGHA and NZGTA members save money installing our gift shop software.  We also help to fund the good work of the AGHA.

Partnering with the AGHA and being a member of the NZGTA helps us access a deeper insight into the needs of gift and homewares retailers and their suppliers. This was on show at the recent trade fairs in Sydney and in Auckland, New Zealand, and will continue throughout 2011 as more and more gift and homewares retailers and their suppliers connect with each other using our smart POS software technology.

Gift Shop owners in Australia and New Zealand who have been using our software for some time now tell us of significant benefits. The most important is the reduction in under performing stock.

Under performing stock on the gift shop floor is expensive for the business.  Every day this remains unidentified and not acted upon is a day of cost to the business.

Using our software, Gift Shop owners are able to more easily track and act on under performing stock. Our software reports without emotion and this is important to retailers who are very passionate about their businesses.

Another area of benefit is in the broad area of business structure. We often replace a range of manual processes with a structured and strong set of computerised processes. These reduce mistakes, improve the quality of business data help feed better business decisions.

In terms of future benefits, we are currently working with more than 100 Gift Shop suppliers to help then engage with retailers through providing electronic invoices and other EDI benefits.

To see our gift shop software in Australia or New Zealand, email us at: or call any of our local offices.  We can arrange an obligation