Good POS Software can help a retail business dramatically improve sales counter productivity, accuracy and performance. Poor POS Software, on the other hand, can result in the opposite and worse.

We have seen this recently where poorly designed POS Software resulted in a business losing sales due to mistakes and slow transaction speed.

Better software backed by professional training and support services can turn this situation around in any retail business.

Efficiency, accuracy and performance at the retail sales counter come down to:

  • Good POS Software design.
  • Professional and up to date training for all employees.
  • Easily accessed advanced tools – for timely and helpful customer service.
  • Fresh advice on the best practices for ensuring the POS Software works right for you.

In our work here at Tower Systems with more 2,500 retailers and with many sales prospects, we see varying levels of success at the sales counter with POS Software.

Our commitment to helping our customers achieve genuine and consistently valuable outcomes with their POS Software, especially at the all important sales counter, is reflected in our software design, face to face training, online training workshops and our training videos.

We work hard to appropriately equip our retail customers and their employees with the skills and insights which are essential to making our POS Software valuable at the sales counter.

Using our POS Software in the way we train, our customers can expect to achieve:

  • Faster sales throughput.
  • More accurate selling.
  • Increased sales thanks to up-sell tools, in-sale marketing opportunities and referrals due to a great experience.

One of the reasons we think we have been able to create a better sales counter solution for retailers is our long term ownership of retail businesses. We use our software ourselves in businesses which transact a wide variety of business.

We are happy to put our software on the table next to any other for a genuine like for like comparison of retail sales counter functionality and service.

The sales counter is the heart, the engine, of a retail business.  Get it right and many areas of the business benefit.   Getting it right starts with good POS Software.