Tower Systems is set for an excellent year helping newsagents using its newsagency software thanks to a major software update which is receiving kudos from newsagents testing the new software live in their businesses.

Delivering several valuable innovations, the new software is set to launch to the 1,700 member strong Tower Newsagent community in the next few weeks.

In addition to productivity improvement enhancements and new facilities, the latest newsagency software update extends product range options for newsagents.  This is important considering the restructure which is occurring within the newsagency channel in terms of the types of products and services offered in a traditional newsagency.

The latest update  delivers three ways newsagents can introduce new product and revenue opportunities to their businesses.  We will announce specific details of these when the update is released.

The update also delivers to newsagents better reporting of supplier performance for product categories ofer which newsagents have purchasing discretion.  Smart newsagents will turn these new facilities into more revenue.

Distribution newsagents, managing newspaper home delivery and sub aget supply, will also benefit from enhancements to the distribution facilities within our newsagency management software.

The beta release program has been expanded this week as we get closer to the commercial release of this most significant software update for newsagents.

Tower Systems serves in excess of 1,700 newsagents around Australia.  More than 50% of Australian newsagents with a computer system already partner with Tower.  We are proud to note that our market share continues to increase.  This is how we can invest more in enhancing our newsagency software.