Retailer 2.2.4C is the most current release of our Point of Sale software.  Tower Systems customers running anything earlier than this do not have the most up to date version of our software.  For advice on getting this latest release of our software, please email our Help desk team directly at:

This is on our mind today as we work closely with our newsagent customers to improve compliance to that industry’s standards around software.  The most common reasons for newsagents not transacting with their suppliers in a compliant way are:

  1. Not having the most release of our software.
  2. Operating with a system configuration which does not meet our documented standards.

The first is addressed by downloading and installing the latest release of our software.  The second is addressed by following our system configuration advice sheet.

While we could force updates on users, we feel that it is better for people to make their own choices on as and when they choose to update their software.

In terms of system configuration, local computer ‘experts’ often think they know better when configuring in-store networks.  We have published our configuration advice for a reason … as they eventually discover.

The benefit for newsagents of following our advice is more accurate trading in-store and in dealing with newsagent suppliers.  Newsagents following our advice are far less likely to miss credits for returns.