Retailers want and need efficient businesses.  For efficient, think low labour cost.  The challenge is that too often retailers are not using facilities available already which can help improve retail efficiency.

Retailers can cut labour costs by streamlining and automating processes which can be more time consuming if done manually.

Here are several ways our Point of Sale software drives valuable efficiency improvements for retailers…

  • Stock reordering.  By using the stock control facilities in our software, our retail customers can create an order in seconds which might otherwise take more than an hour to produce.  Even more important that the time saving is the reporting strength.  We have seen retailers cut up to 40 man hours a month from their roster by fully implementing stock control within their businesses.
  • Supplier management.  The more suppliers who provide electronic invoices , the greater the time saving to their retail customers.  We have customers who work tirelessly encouraging suppliers to provide accurate electronic invoices.  A retailer switching from manual arrival of invoices to electronic arrival can save anything from two hours to ten hours a week in our experience.
  • Stock take.  By using the flexible stock take facilities, retailers can eliminate the need for an external stock take.  This drives more accurate stock replenishment.  They also discover sooner what is being stolen and can therefore respond and save the business money.  Retailers can save thousands each year by eliminating stock takes.
  • Reporting and decision making.  Retailers spend considerable time considering business decisions, assessing the options and making assessments of the worthiness of each.  Good business data can help drive faster and better quality business decisions.  Some of our fastest growing retail customers are also the ones who make the most use of our business performance reporting tools.

These are just some examples of genuine time saving benefits.  We welcome opportunities to help our retail customers leverage these time saving benefits for their businesses.

Our Point of Sale software is like any business tool.  Having it in the business does not automatically unlock benefits for you.  The key is to use the facilities to the fullest.  We are glad to help with this.