While there are eight software companies serving newsagents with newsagency software, Tower Systems serves more newsagents than the other seven combined.

Here are the top ten reasons newsagents give for switching to Tower Systems.

  1. Brilliant Software. Newsagents love our Point of Sale and Home Delivery software. They love how easy it is to use, they love the extensive reporting facilities and they love the benefits they unlock using the software.
  2. Saving Time. Newsagents who have switched to Tower Systems tell us that they save hours off their roster each week.  One newsagent told us they save 40 man hours a month.
  3. Size. Tower Systems serves more newsagents (1,748 at last count) than all of our competitors combined. We use this strength to deliver better software and better support.
  4. Support Cost. The annual software support is low, fair and payable monthly. Tower has had one fee increase in the last four years.
  5. Low Total Cost of Ownership. Newsagents who switch often pay considerably less over time with Tower Systems.
  6. Optional Support. Our software keeps working and you can access XchangeIT data files even if you choose to not renew software support coverage.
  7. Online Training. Tower Systems runs four free online training workshops every week and has done for years. We pioneered online training for newsagents.
  8. Training Videos. Tower Newsagents have access to more than 30 training videos on the Tower website, accessible at anytime from anywhere.
  9. Business Assistance. Through our Tower Advantage TM services, we provide valuable practical assistance to Tower Newsagents. These services help our customers unlock considerably more value from their IT investment.
  10. Industry Standards. Tower Systems is always first to meet newsagency industry standards. This provides peace of mind for your investment.
  11. Support for Newsagents. This is point 11. Tower Systems delivers more than you expect. Like supporting newsagents – a national TV commercial promoting newsagents, free marketing collateral and tips, support for industry awards, events and training.

Of course, being the largest player in the marketplace makes us an easy target for those who covet our position.  We welcome the opportunity of a function by function comparison at any time.  We will let our software speak for itself.

Newsagents who switch are often surprised to find facilities sales people from other companies told them never existed in our software.

As the newsagency channel consolidates in 2011, Tower Systems will work with newsagents to enhance and change their businesses in pursuit of a bright future in a changing marketplace.