tyro-swivel.JPGThe eftpos numbers for some retailers this Christmas were excellent.  Seeing a store process close to half a million dollars in eftpos sales in just over four weeks and with most of that in the last couple of weeks is good.  For this to be achieved with greater accuracy and with a lower employee cost is the great news of the tyro broadband eftpos solution.

Retailers using our Point of Sale software love the Tyro broadband eftpos solution and the benefits it delivers…

  1. Faster processing of the eftpos transaction.
  2. Fewer mistakes.
  3. Easier end of shift balancing.
  4. Easier account reconciliation.
  5. Easier problem / customer query resolution.

These valuable financial and operational benefits and more make Tyro a popular choice among retailers.  From our perspective, we prefer tyro because setup and support are considerably easier than alternatives like PC Eftpos.