We continue to help our Point of Sale software customers and customers of other software companies who have been affected by the floods across several states of Australia.  The assistance provided to each location differs in that our response is a response to their specific situation.

Often, it is help in organising things necessary to getting their business systems up and running.  This is the more important need in that many took steps in advance of the floods are were able to get their computers above the water line.

In the case of customers of other POS software companies, the help has been with rebuilding advice and broader business strategy.  We are glad to help where we can, without expectation.

Weeks ago we established a priority service for our flood affected clients.  That direct to senior management access remains in place today, ensuring that our key decision-makers are available on the phone to quickly sort out practical help we can provide.  By dealing with our flood assistance at the top of the company we have been able to adjust schedules, approve equipment loans and make other decisions which help minimise the disruption.

We will maintain our flood response approach for some weeks yet given that flooding is still occurring.

We are grateful to all of our customers for their help and understanding as we give priority to flood affected clients.  Thank you.