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NBN Vital for Small Business Retailers

Every day we see the importance of a faster and more reliable broadband network in Australia.

Serving in excess of 2,500 retailers using our Point of Sale software, we see how retailers rely on fast access to suppliers for stock ordering, electronic invoices, price updates and other transactions.  We also see how retailers are using our Point of Sale software to more efficiently market their businesses electronically by leveraging our marketing tools.

In too many retail situations, the current broadband coverage is inadequate, holding these businesses back.  This has a knock-on effect through the economy.

As retailers rely more on online trading with suppliers and customers, a faster and more reliable broadband network becomes an essential service.  This is why we, as a company, support the National Broadband Network.  Politics aside, this is important infrastructure for Australia.



  1. Mark, was thinking about asking you something related to this, but since you’ve brought it up first I’ll post it here.

    ‘In too many retail situations, the current broadband coverage is inadequate’

    What I’m curious about is why it is inadequate and why hasn’t the NBN (or the like) been rolled out years ago.

    And by extension, how do small businesses suffer from the quality of the internet in Australia.

    Related thread at Whirlpool forums if you have time to read.


  2. Aaron, I have paid for the best and fastest broadband that Telstra offers.

    It is always dropping out, and I would not call it that fast.

    I don’t know if this is typical of other people’s experiences, but I don’t believe that this is good enough, costing much time and on occasions money.


  3. Aaron, I suspect that a NBN has not been rolled out because our leaders have not understood the importance of this infrastructure for the economy and because vested interests have seen to it that our leaders do not understand the importance.


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