Tower Systems is pleased to announce that it increased its Gift Shop Software customer base by 25% in 2010. 

Off of an already good base, this 25% lift in gift shops using its specialist Gift Shop Software is an excellent result in a tough year for the retail sector.

Promoted through a mix of trade shows, direct mail, word of mouth and speaking engagements, the Tower Gift Shop Software is the most widely used specialist gift shop software in the Australian marketplace.

retailers use the Tower Systems Gift Shop Software to manage the processing of sales, track customer engagement, facilitate marketing campaigns, drive more efficient stock management and cut the soft of theft.

Developed in close association with gift shop owners, suppliers and managers, the Tower Gift Shop Software is a proven solution for gift shops of all sizes.

Gift shop owners and managers interested in improving their business can see the software through an obligation free in-store or online demonstration.  Click here to contact Tower Systems.