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Retailers – Ensure That You Get What You Pay For

We are replacing a competitor’s POS software with our software and needed to reconfigure the computers.  The retailer says they were not given original CDs with the computers.  While we cannot verify if this is true, it serves as a reminder to all retailers to ensure that you receive original new packaging for all hardware and software supplied with each system you purchase.  Not having access to the original CDs presents a challenge for this retailer as they have never been supplied what they actually purchased.



  1. Hello Mark,

    Whilst it is true that you should always check that you get what you paid for, it is also becoming more common these days to get no CD, especially where Microsoft products are purchased. Programs like Microsoft Office now come with no cd. You get a preinstalled trial version with a new PC and then a “box” with a sticker attached. If you want the CD, that is extra. A bit rough when you just shelled out a couple of hundred dollars for a product and they can’t even manage a couple of cents for a disc.


  2. True enough Adam. The instance which caused me to write this blog post is one in which no original packaging with serial number was left.

    I bought the latest Microsoft Office package recently and inside the pack was air but I did get an official Microsoft serial number.


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