We have caught up with some of our South Australian Point of Sale software customers this week with a series of drop in visits.  These free visits can go from a few minutes to more than an hour depending on the needs of the business.

Each of our team members involved has a structured approach to a drop in, checking for questions to answer, help with ensuring the system is being used properly and ready with advice on current topics of interest.

We run this drop in program, not only in South Australia, when time and resources permit.  We ran a series in Melbourne between Christmas and New Year.  It is a nice and personal adjunct to our regular face to face user meetings and group training sessions.

In Adelaide on Monday and Tuesday we had someone available and making good use of their time connecting with many of our newer customers.  The feedback from the visits has been wonderful.

The Tower Advantage TM is that we find practical and valuable ways to help our customers get more from their software while enjoying the experience.