Gross Profit is an important metric in retail..  Real Gross Profit, not an estimate or an expectation but the Gross Profit actually made when you sell an item is vital to know.

Retailers who do to track and manage Gross Profit all too often find that they should have been doing this when it is too late for them to act.

Our Point of Sale software makes the Gross Profit earned at various levels obvious to our retail customers.

Gross Profit analysis can uncover employee theft, supplier theft and or customer theft.  It can also uncover valuable business growth opportunities in many retail circumstances.

This is why we focus attention, in our POS software, on accurately tracking and reporting on Gross Profit and reporting on this in a variety of ways.  From when invoices are received through to when items are sold or written off, Gross Profit is tracked for reporting at multiple levels.

In our training and at face to face user meetings, we reinforce the important of attention to Gross Profit for a healthy approach to managing a retail business.