Newsagency computer systems will be part of the restructure of the newsagency channel which will pick up pace in 2011.  As more newsagents evolve their businesses, they will be looking for software which is able to evolve with their businesses.

Thanks to the work we have been doing in a variety of retail channels over recent years, Tower Systems is well positioned to help newsagents evolve their businesses.

The insights we have gained from our close and detailed work with gift shops, bike retailers, homewares stores, jewellers, convenience stores and online businesses has given us a range of experiences which are already helping us help newsagents who are embracing changes in their business offer.

Good retail management technology can be a valuable partner to any business embracing change.

Our newsagent market share, more than 1,700 newsagencies, and our excellent market penetration in a range of other vertical markets positions us well for the changes we will see this year and beyond.  We are able to leverage our knowledge and our connections to help newsagents who do want to change.

Our broader marketplace experience is another reason some newsagents are switching to Tower Systems. 2011 is shaping us as a busy year.