With sourcing capital for small business, especially retailers, a considerable challenge in today’s economy (see the recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald), Tower Systems is well positioned to help thanks to the work we have put in sourcing a range of finance options for our retail business customers and potential customers.

Retailers investing in our Point of Sale technology are able to fund the purchase through lease, hire purchase, rental and other financial instruments. this can bring the cash flow cost down to a few dollars a day.

We are in a position to connect our customers with respected financial institutions which understand the value the proper use of our software can bring to a retail business.  This is vital in the assessment of the viability of providing funding for the purchase of our Point of Sale system.

How our customers ultimately fund their software only or hardware and software purchase with us if 100% their choice.  The work our finance people have done with a range of institutions means that we can present them with introductions which could prove to be easier than their existing finance relationships.

While we cannot guarantee finance, we can put our customers in contact with financiers who understand the value derived from an investment with us.  This helps retailers tap into sources of capital for business development and expansion.

That we are usually able to connect a sales prospect with an institution which can provide funding quickly, without fuss and for a competitive market rate is another way we demonstrate our can do approach to business.

From completing the sale to helping to arrange finance through to installation, training and on-going support, the tower Systems team works hard to help its retail business customers enjoy and benefit from their IT investment with us.