Tower Systems is further demonstrating its commitment to helping its retail customers get more from its Point of Sale software with a carefully planned series of free drop-in visits with Sydney based customers this week.

We have created time in our schedule to enable us to have senior technical people available for these visits – to ensure the maximum value for our customers.  While we can’t get to everyone, getting even to a small group of customers is better than no visits at all.

These free customer service visits augment our online training workshops, face to face user meetings, help desk and other points of contact we have with our retail customers.

The visits and visits already delivered this year in Victoria and South Australia underscore another Tower Systems point of difference.  We firmly believe that actions speak louder than words.

We are committed to helping our customer community achieve more value for their businesses and personally.  Selling a Point of Sale system is one thing.  Ensuring that a retail business achieves genuine value over time is another thing entirely.  This is our focus.  We want our customer relationships to be long-term and genuinely valuable.