Like any successful software company, Tower Systems is about a team rather than one or two individuals.  Indeed, our company is made up of a series of teams – geographic teams and professional service teams.

From administration to software development to customer service, our strength lies in the strength of our respective teams working together collectively for the good of our customers.

While we have senior management, it really is each of the teams which drive the growth of our business.

Today, in our Melbourne based Head Office, our national Sales Team is meeting to discuss 2011.   In the course of the day together they will get to see software enhancements which are on the drawing board, fresh marketing initiatives, customer service enhancements and a preview of our new CRM software.

Today is also about our sales team sharing experiences face to face.  Remember, for most of the year each member of our sales team operates in their own territory with most company contact by phone, email and the like.  Flying everyone in for today’s face to face meetings provides and excellent opportunity to reconnect and refocus.

We already have some excellent success stories for 2011 and today provides an opportunity for the sales team to share these with each other.

Tower Systems is not about individual stars or leaders.  It is a team-centred business made up of strong and professional teams, like the Sales Team which is meeting in Melbourne today.