We are helping a retailer who purchased Point of Sale software from another company almost a year ago for $2,500.  Our quote at the time was $6,500.  Our offer was for a perpetual licence, software which did not have a limited life.  While we explained the difference between our approach and the ‘licence’ approach of the competitor, we were not successful at winning the business.

Now that the retailer has an invoice for the second year of their ‘licence’ they have realised that they should have more carefully considered the total cost of ownership as we suggested at the time.

In their situation, purchasing from Tower Systems would have saved the retailer thousands of dollars over just a few years.

As is so often the case in business an AMAZING DEAL which is DRAMATICALLY CHEAPER than a high-profile competitor of probably not that amazing. 

We hope to have the customer switched soon.  Based on the current numbers they will still save money.

Caveat Emptor.