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The iPad as a Point of Sale software terminal?

ipad-pos.JPGWe have been playing with our in-house iPads, our Point of Sale software and scanners to see how useful the iPad could be for our retail customers in-store.  Plenty of our customers are using the iPad to connect with their business from home, warehouses and while on vacation.  It is the use in-store during busy trading periods where the iPad could help a retail business deal with peak customer load – away from the sales counter.

The photo shows one our iPads and a scanner we were testing in our boardroom.

While there are some technical challenges to overcome, such as Apple’s lock down of the iPad, we are working toward having a properly functioning Point of sale facility available through the iPad.  By properly functioning, we mean something which meets our quality assurance and performance standards. It is one thing to have something working and another entirely for it to meet reasonable performance criteria.

We will keep our customers posted on progress before we make an announcement here.

We already have customers using the iPad in other ways with success.



  1. I can not wait for this , very excited at some of the tasks that will be easier using the iPad eg stocktaking


  2. Apart from the obvious cash drawer and receipt printer challenges, I’d really like to know how to get the scanners functioning.

    I current use my iPad to remote into our server to do our Retailer backup and do reports, but to have a fully functioning mobile terminal would be fantastic!

    Keep us updated!


  3. We are with you on that Marc and doing everything we can to find a reliable solution.


  4. Marc, iPad is not the only device of it’s type on the market. For a fully mobile terminal I think more open devices would be better


  5. Helen, I agree. Our interest right now in the iPad is to assist the number of our customers already with this device including ourselves for our own retail stores.


  6. @Helen,
    I don’t necessarily agree with you that the iPad isn’t suitable because it’s not “open”.

    If the POS software is written natively (an app) and it interfaces with industry standard hardware, what does it matter?

    Even using the iPad as a thin client and remoting into a physical terminal works well off a number of applications.

    But a native tower app would be mobile POS nirvana, and would be the first of it’s kind, which I would think would be a boon for Tower Systems and great for all the businesses already using iPads in one way or another in their workflows (including me writing this post).


  7. Marc, what I am saying is how do you plug a iPad into a cash draw or receipt printer without additional intermediary hardware.


  8. Mark – is there any advance on work with the iPad?


  9. Hi Mark is there any way to put your delivery runs on the ipad all your assistance would be greatly appreciated as my psp is not liking me at the moment


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