For years we have provided a free Business Check service to retailers using our point of sale software. We uncover some wonderful success stories as well as opportunities for improvement. We also sometimes uncover situations such as employee theft, fraud and other wrong doing in the business.

Each comprehensive and free business check helps our customers more deeply engage with their business data. Here is a summary of what we check and report back on:

  • Data compliance. How the software is used to ensure that good data is being gathered about the business.
  • Data structure. We check how departments, categories and other structures are established to ensure valuable reporting on business performance.
  • Fraud. We go in behind the usual reports and seek out evidence of fraud using a variety of tools.
  • Business performance. We look at the performance of the business, year on year, from a variety of angles. We compare with other similar businesses we have done similar analysis for. We also calculate a range of ratios to determine business efficiency. The business performance analysis can take several hours and usually results in a list of suggestions where changes could be made for little or no cost to improve the business.

All of this work is done on a confidential basis. Once we provide our assessment, which is in the form of a written report backed by a phone hookup or a face to face meeting, we make ourselves available for follow up consultation. All of this is free. Our view is that the stronger the businesses using our software the stronger our software company.

Undertaking a Business Check is the kind of interaction we really enjoy with our customers. We learn plenty from digging deep within a variety of businesses. These learnings help us build better software and provide better support services. It is why we are grateful for the trust shown in allowing us to provide the Business Check service.

If you would like to know more about our free Business Check service and how it cold help your business, please contact me.