There are many ways retailers use their Point of Sale software to have fun in business.  Not your traditional laugh out loud fun mind you, no, fun as in enjoying business more and creating a place where employees and shoppers alike enjoy themselves.

Fun starts with reducing the mundane.  There can be a ton of mundane work in a retail business, especially a business which does not embrace the opportunities of Point of Sale software.

Streamlining and automating product ordering, product pricing, Lay Bys, special orders, sale catalogues and inventory management can free employee time for more creating (and fun) activities within the business.  These are mundane activities which your Point of Sale software can eliminate or at the very least streamline.

Rewarding customers through an authentic loyalty rewards program.  Australian consumers are jaded by loyalty programs which are strong on hype and weak on delivery.  Retailers have an opportunity to deliver genuine rewards for genuine loyalty as measured through incremental business.  The fun comes from chasing the rewards and the giving of gifts as reward for loyalty.

Rewarding employees on growth.   By tracking sales by employees, a retail business can unlock retail employees from seeing their work as a chore and more as an opportunity. Central to doing this is tracking sales by employees and setting targets and offering genuine rewards for genuine over achievement.

Prizes.  By offering prizes and promotions on receipts generated by your Point of sale software, you can give customers more than they expected from s shopping visit.  Such an unexpected experience can make shopping fun.

Okay so these suggestions may not be fun in the sense of fun like a comedy night or playing games but they are fun in the context of business and enjoying interaction in a retail situation.

Proper use of Point of Sale like what we offer here at Tower Systems can free retail businesses to create an environment where fun is more accessible.