Greeting card companies like to control the management reports provided to newsagents for managing the greeting card department.  Thanks to a two-year international project, newsagents using our newsagency software are starting to reap the benefits of better in-store management reporting of greeting card performance.

The exclusive new software facilities will equip the tower newsagent community with a never before available insight into the performance for greeting cards.  Better ranging, promotion and management decisions will follow.

The new facilities has been in use now for some months in a small selection of newsagency locations and the results are obvious.  Having access to accurate sales reports at deeper and more valuable level are empowering participating newsagents to take on a more proactive role with the valuable greeting card department.

The results of this project are time savings from better greeting card management tools and increased profit from the better business decisions which result from having fast access to better performance data.

The new facilities are being released to our wider newsagent community through our Tower Advantage TM program.