Our POS Software Help Desk opens at 7am Monday through Friday.  While our after hours support team is available much earlier for urgent matters, the fully staffed Help Desk kicks off at 7.

This early start to the day is loved by our customers since they know that they can call early and have questions answered or issues resolved.  With senior people on from 7am, we are giving the best possible service even from this early start … right through the day. The full suite of services is available from7am including logging into customer systems to investigate any issue as if we are there in their store.

This early morning support is especially loved on a Monday when there can be a backlog of questions from the weekend.  We resource appropriately so that we can provide the level of customer service our retail customers expect from us.

We know that in several marketplaces in which we serve our customer service commitment is a positive differentiator.  We respect this by managing for customer enjoyment and looking for ways we can improve.

Throughout Tower Systems we understand that we are only as good as our last customer contact.  Hence our focus on a friendly and knowledgeable 7am start.