Yes, retail is tough. The media is full of reports as to just how tough. Smart retailers, however, don;t talk about tough retail conditions for too long.  No, smart retailers prefer to get on with the job of facing up to the conditions and chasing success.

The adage of when the going gets tough the tough get going has been on show around Australia in recent weeks.  In flood and fire affected areas, tough retailers are picking their businesses up and rebuilding.  We have seen this first hand this week when meeting with some of our customers who have been affected.  We have also seen it in responses from retailers to generally tough retail conditions.

Smart retailers embrace the facilities in their Point of Sale software to face up to tough retail conditions and to overcome these.

They face up to the conditions by knowing the truth of their own business performance.  this is best discovered by comparing trading periods on a like for like basis.  For example, comparing January 2011 with January 2010 in the same business.  The truth in the business performance reports will show exactly where the retail business is strong or weak.

They overcome tough retail conditions by developing a plan.   No matter how tough a situation, having a plan is the first step to recovery. Many small steps taken with consistency and across a broad front can turn the business around.

this is where the tough get going, by understanding their particular situation, developing a plan to address this and executing the plan with consistency.

Our Point of Sale software plays a key role by providing accurate business performance data.  Our business experts can play a role in the turnaround by acting as a sounding board for business ideas and even sharing ideas of our own.

Beyond traditional software support, we will gladly help any of our customers better understand their situation and develop a plan for trading through this to greater success.

We have many business experiences of our own and have knowledge of many experiences of our customers on which to draw. We will do this confidentially and with absolute commitment.

We very much believe in the when the going gets tough the tough get going adage and welcome opportunities of working with our customers to help them experience this for themselves.