gifts-sydney.JPGThe first of our new Point of Sale software marketing collateral for 2011 has arrived in our Sydney off ahead of the Home & Giving Fair which commences on Saturday.  The pull-up banners, wall hung collateral, brochures and other collateral all connect with the same visual and text theme. This fresh visual and text theme will also reflected in some of our direct mail and advertising collateral for 2011.  The consistency of our collateral across multiple platforms reflects a consistency more broadly through our company, our products and our services.

Our message for retailers for 2011 is to encourage them to START on working on their businesses in more proactive and valuable ways.  Hence the start button on the banner and other collateral.  Our customers will hear more about this through the year.

The photo is of one of the pull-up banners for the Home and Giving Fair – taken at our Sydney office.