Tower Systems is proud to announce that we will offer professional and structured training opportunities at each of our Trade Show events in 2011 for users of our Point of Sale software. This is in addition to our long standing commitment to answering technical questions from existing customers at trade shows.

Our trade show structured training opportunities will present concise training on specific areas of the software.  Running between ten and fifteen minutes, each one on one training session will cover an area of our software of particular interest or need to the customer.

Our technical experts at each trade show this year will have the knowledge and toolkit necessary to deliver on this training opportunity.  We will have space on our standas for the training to be done away from the sales area.  We will have equipment which enables us to train using live data.

The first trade show training opportunity in 2011 will be at the Home & Giving Fair in Sydney commencing this coming Saturday.  Existing customers are welcome to stop by and discuss any training needs and we will either provide training there and then or organise a convenient time during the trade show for this training.

This trade show training opportunity is another free service from Tower Systems.