Tower Systems, along with other newsagency software companies, is working with Network Services on potential enhancements.  This on-going project moved forward last week through a joint workshop where representatives of Network, XchangeIT, Tower Systems and POS Solutions, along with two newsagents, discussed possible enhancements and options.

We welcome opportunities for round-table discussions like this for the good of the overall newsagency channel.  We respect the confidentiality of such discussions, as we have done for many years.

It can be challenging balancing the needs of various suppliers in the various marketplaces in which we serve, especially within the confines of an already busy software development schedule.  Major projects are scheduled six months out – to allow time for necessary planning, design and other work.  The days of dreaming up an idea, writing the code and making it available in a day or two are over.  With more than 2,000 independent retailers using our software, we need to take care to ensure that our software updates are genuinely valuable, thoroughly tested and fully integrated with channel suppliers.

Meetings like the one last week provide us with the opportunity to forward plan within the context of our busy development schedule.