As the A Current Affair TV program showed on Thursday night, the noise major retailers make about their loyalty rewards program is often not matched with genuine rewards.

The loyalty marketing facilities in our Point of Sale software help independent retailers offer genuine rewards in return for genuine shopper loyalty.

Retailers using our software can stand apart from the likes of Myer, Coles, Woolworths, Target, Big W and other major retailers by offering a loyalty program which is a loyalty program and not a tricked up program which is really about collecting shopper details.

Accruing and managing points is easy with our software.  We give our retail customers facilities which they can use to compete and even demonstrate a valuable point of difference over others.

In addition to excellent training for our customers in the area of loyalty, we provide access to advice sheets, help with sourcing loyalty cards and connecting customers so they can share their loyalty experiences.  We also back these services up with business advice based on years of working with retailers in implementing loyalty programs.

Small retailers have an excellent opportunity to compete with big retailers when it comes to loyalty.  Tower Systems is here to help you make the most from this opportunity.

The story on A Current Affair is an excellent reminder to retailers and shoppers of the differences between big retailers and smaller retailers.   Here at Tower Systems we are committed to helping smaller retailers more effectively compete … through facilities like those we offer in the loyalty area.