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New Advice Sheet For Hallmark Sales Data Project

Newsagents keen for a deeper and sales data based relationship with Hallmark Cards now have access to this thanks to a joint project between Tower Systems and Hallmark.  A new advice sheet has just been published at the Tower Systems website documenting how to leverage the new connection.  Advice sheet N43 provides peer-reviewed advice on this project undertaken with Hallmark.

By providing Hallmark with timely accurate sales data, newsagents can expect to see an impact in the supply model for their business. the data will drive a classic win win.

The latest sales data facilities are available in our newsagency software now.

Having the largest pool of newsagent customers in the newsagency channel, close to three times the next software company, we are well positioned to work with suppliers on strategic projects like this Hallmark Cards data project.  We can deliver access to an install base and support this with professional standards and communication, thereby driving necessary discipline for the outcomes today’s newsagent suppliers are looking for.



  1. Mark, your advice sheet refers to newsXpress stores is this available to others as well?


  2. Absolutely. That is why we have made the advice sheet public for all of our users. Watch this space, more to come on this.


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