While some companies deliver all of their training on one block, we are happy to space the training in our POS Software out is a more customer friendly approach.

No busy retailer can learn for, say, five days straight while still working in their business and expect to absorb everything they have been told about their new Point of Sale software.  This type of block training is selfish by the software companies which do it.  It is not focused on achieving a good outcome for the retailer or their employees.

In planning for an installation, we work with our customer to determine the training schedule which works best for their specific situation.  If customers want a single block of training then this is what we deliver.  If they want the training delivered in two blocks then this is what we deliver.

We have seen considerable business value achieved when advanced training is delivered a week or two after the system is installed. The questions are more knowledgeable and the interest greater.  In short, training delivered once the system has been used even for a short while often proves to be far more valuable.

This is a Tower Systems difference, training delivered in a way which is attuned to the needs of our customers and those in the business who will use the software.