2011 has started with a surge in gift shops embracing Point of Sale technology if our early sales for the year are anything to go by.  Sales of our Gift Shop Software have been excellent right across the country to small individual stores and in larger businesses.

The sales boost has been helped by excellent word of mouth from existing customers, significant software enhancements in 2010 and our obvious commitment to the gift retail channel through support for industry events.

Using our Point of Sale technology, gift shop owners and employees are able to bring greater control to their business as address the one component which has historically been the biggest challenge to manage – stock.  Using our Gift Shop Software, retailers can and do reduce their floor stock without any negative impact on sales.  In fact, the opposite often happens.  Our software is rich with reports which help feed better quality business decisions around buying and floor stock management.

The great start to 2011 has our sales and installation teams busy. Each new customer brings new insights and ideas … vital to the evolution of good software.