We have just published advice for our customers selling greeting cards from Hallmark Cards in their businesses on how they can make use of our new Hallmark integration tools and report to more effectively track and manage greeting card sales.

Developed as part of an international joint project with Hallmark, the enhanced functionality was released last year and is now widely available allows users of our Point of Sale software.  Our customers are able to import structured and considered categorisation and segmentation data for Hallmark stock. This facilitates significant insight into sales reporting. Better reporting leads to better decision making, improving your business’ overall performance and value.

Advice sheet N44, available from the Tower Advantage TM customer service portal on our website, fully documents setting your system up for integration and accessing the commercial benefits.

The integration and associated business management report are currently exclusive to Tower Systems. 

While others will inevitably follow, Tower Systems has once again demonstrated the value of being the innovator.  We are able to do this because of the size of our customer community.