Using good Garden Centre Software, Garden Centre owners and managers can drive better sales results over manual or non specialist software solutions.

Based on our own experience implementing our Point of Sale software in a range of Garden Centres in Australia, the areas where Garden Centre software is driving good success this year include:

Customer Loyalty.  Rewarding customers for genuine loyalty will increase sales to them and good word of mouth as they talk to friends.  Our Garden Centre software offers a flexible and consistent approach to managing loyalty. It can help you harness your existing customers for greater success.

Hampers and manufactured goods.  From seasonal hampers made up of multiple items to something as simple as a plant in a pot, our Garden Centre software can track all of the items in a package, maintain inventory integrity and help you make better business decisions about these packaged items.

Seasonal deals. Garden Centres, like other retailers, offer seasonal deals whether it is a Spring Sale, a Summer Sale or a Christmas Sale, using our software you are able to easily manage special pricing for the duration of the sale. We make like at the sales counter easier and provide certainty for customers that the right price is being charged.

Inventory Management.  Knowing what stock is selling when and with what will help with buying, pricing and business decisions.  You can compare products by department, category and suppliers.  You can see what is moving quickly, what is moving slowly and what is not moving at all.

Business Reporting.  Access to quality business reports at the push of a button can help the business owners and managers make more informed business decisions.  The benefit of better business decisions is usually evident on the financial performance of the Garden Centre.

There are many benefits of good Garden Centre software, those listed above are just the beginning.

Tower Systems is thrilled to be helping Garden Centres in a variety of situations to grow stronger and healthier businesses.