Retailers using our Point of Sale software now have access to a new advice on entering stock thanks to the work of our team who wrote, tested, edited and peer reviewed the latest additions to our advice sheet portfolio.

This new advice sheet is designed for first time users of our software.  It is ideal for new employees responsible for entering stock for the first time.   As the advice sheet states, entering stock items correctly is essential:

Correctly adding stock items into Retailer is one of the most important tasks a user can perform within the system. Almost every function within Retailer is somehow related to stock, so the correct setup of an item in the beginning is ideal for the optimal operation of the software.

Too often we see software companies focus on experienced users, providing advice and training which is aimed at them.  While we cater to the needs of this group at Tower Systems, we also cater to the needs of the first time user … as evidenced by this new advice sheet.

Each advice sheet takes considerable time to prepare as it goes through a rigorous process prior to publication.  The result is advice on which our customers can rely.

Feedback from our customers on our advice sheets is wonderful.  They love the clear and concise step-by-step process which is documented in each advice sheet.  They also let us know new topics to cover.

The full suite of advice sheets is accessible from the Advice Sheets page on our website.  Advice sheet access is part of the Tower Advantage TM program.

Watch for more advice sheets to be released soon.