codeofpractice.JPGAs members of the JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia), we willingly commit to and adhere to their Code of Practice.  This commits us to observe the highest business and ethical standards set forth in this code.  By being part of an association which serves one of our retail channels and committing to their code of practice, we are further demonstrating our commitment to our customers and to the jeweller marketplace more widely.

Not all businesses offering software to jewellers are members of the JAA and are therefore not formally committed to the Code of Practice. This offers jewellers an important distinction.

Establishing a Code of Practice along the lines of that developed years ago by the JAA is something which we would like to see in other retail channels in which we serve.

Hundreds of jewellers in Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region use our jeweller software to manage their jewellery businesses … from the back room to the sales counter, in dealing with suppliers through to sophisticated business planning.  2011 is delivering good growth in sales of our jeweller software.