A newsagent using the POS Solutions software we were speaking with recently was shocked that our newsagency software support fees were not at the $3,000+ level he was used, that our support fees were not compulsory, that there was no compulsory registration licence and that we did not charge an XchangeIT access fee.  He though all newsagent software companies charged like POS Solutions.

This newsagent is now going to cut their annual software support fee by more than 50% by switching to Tower Systems.  

Outside of the annual fee savings, the newsagent will have access to software which we consider to be better on a range of fronts.  Market share suggests that is what more newsagents think too.

We are able to deliver access to high quality software support and updates because we have around three times more newsagents using our software than POS Solutions.   We think that the gap will grow and this will enable us to further demonstrate the benefits of our market share.

Newsagents wanting to switch should speak with one of our newsagency sales team members.  We would be happy to connect you with newsagents who have switched.

I expect that POS will complain about this blog post saying that we are criticising them. They will try and paint us as weak for doing this.

This blog post is designed to educate newsagents to not pay more for software support than they have to.  We happen to think that POS Solutions newsagents we have seen have been paying too much  If the result is a saving to the business then it’s good news for the newsagent and that is what matters. POS can address this by charging less.

While the software itself is the key difference between competitive companies, total cost of ownership is also a factor to many.