Customer Service Escalation Helps Make Happy Software Users

Software users can be quick to criticise the support they receive from the help desk of their software provider.  Whether it is perceived rudeness in the call, slow service or poor advice, the experience can make them unhappy, often more unhappy than the actual experience can warrant.

To demonstrate our commitment to genuinely good, consistent and timely customer service, years ago here at Tower Systems we established an escalation process for retailers using out Point of Sale software.  Here is the escalation process which is open to all of our customers.

  • Help Desk.  This is the entry point for every query and support call relating to our software.  We have a large team of IT professionals staffing our help desk and providing advice and support. All calls a logged and tracked using a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system.  We operate to a target service level and track this regularly to measure our own performance.
  • Customer Service Manager.  If any of our customers feels let down by contact with our help desk, the next point of escalation by the customer is our Customer Service Manager.  Simon Frost holds this role within the company. He will review all information about a call and look at the questions or issues from a different level than traditional help desk contact.  Simon is contacted through our usual help desk number of my email on
  • General Manager.  If  a customer feels let down by contact with our Customer Service Manager, they can escalate the issue to Gavin Williams, our General Manager.  Gavin will take on details of the complaint and then complete a thorough investigation before coming back with a considered response.  Gavin can be contacted through our head Office number on 03 9524 8000 or by email on
  • Managing Director.   If a customer remains unhappy after using the previous two escalation points, they can make direct contact with Mark Fletcher, the owner and Managing Director of Tower Systems.  Mark will want as many facts so that he can properly investigate the issue through the company’s internal systems.  Mark can be contacted any time on 0418 321 338 or by email on

This customer service escalation process is documented regularly in emails and newsletters to customers, to ensure that our customers know the various channels they can use to escalate issues of concern to the right people within Tower Systems.

We are serious about providing timely, professional and friendly customer service as we understand that to many customers we are only as good as our last support call.

Good customer service is a key reason we win business.  Customers talking to colleagues about good service generates sales leads … we like that.

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