Featuring Australian Retail Innovators

Mark Fletcher, our Managing Director, has just been interviewed for a feature being written about innovation in retail and, in particular, how the smart decisions some independent retailers are making using Point of Sale software.

We are thrilled to share stories of genuine innovation by retailers.  We have businesses in our customer community which have gone from loss making to profitability, others which have switched product niches with tremendous success, others which have cut floor stock by 33% while increasing sales and others who have cut 25% from their employment roster without losing a beat in revenue.

How far retailers go with the retail management technology we sell is up to them.  Our role is to facilitate innovation, show pathways available and to encourage, guide and promote genuine innovation.

We want our customers and their retail businesses to be the heroes.  This happens when they engage and push our software as far as it can go.  The recent interview covered some of these topics … hopefully, it will encourage others to engage.

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