easter-collateral.jpgDuring the Easter season this year, our Gift Shop Software has been helping retailers increase sales in a range of ways.

Thanks to smart business building tools, gift shops using our Point of Sale software have been able to use the software to drive up-sell promotions, reward loyal customers, track laybys, manage accounts, process the increase in sales without increasing labour cost, track customer purchases for later analysis, compare this year to last year, track fast sellers (and slow sellers), manage catalogue offers, turn customer receipts into marketing tools, use the customer display to promote complimentary products and easily compare business performance to this Easter to last Easter.

The real benefit of our Point of Sale software comes immediately after Easter is over.  This is when gift shop owners can analyse the performance of the season in full and plan for 2012.  We gladly help our customers with this analysis.

Early indications are that Easter 2011 has been a strong retail season for gift shops.