Newsagents using our newsagency software have been able to deal with public holiday and bumper edition delivery changes this Easter thanks to our smart handling of such challenges through the course of the year.

By using our software to handle billing and delivery changes brought on by public holiday and other similar changes, newsagents are able to focus their attention elsewhere within their businesses.

This is what good software does … takes care of time consuming and repetitive tasks so that business expertise can be better used elsewhere within the business.

With more than 1700 newsagents as customers, we have a big pool of businesses to serve – distribution only, retail only, distribution and retail, payment point only, country town, capital city CBD – ranging from as few as 10 home delivery customers to thousands and from one sub agent to 180 sub agents.

Our diverse newsagent customer base keeps us focused on delivering best of breed newsagency software.  This is part of what drives our excellent market share position.

We are thrilled to have helped newsagents handle delivery challenges this Easter and Anzac Day.