The cost of the threat of damage by a computer attack is extraordinary, particularly at the small business end of the marketplace.  Down here at the small business end of the software marketplace we often encounter people using firewall and other protection software without thought and often impacting on the efficient and hassle-free use of their core business software.

More and more calls to our Point of Sale software Help Desk are to do with issues caused by ill-considered firewall and security software settings.

We try and mitigate the cost by recommending the software our customers should use and the settings they should adopt.  It is when they stray from this advice that they often end up with trouble and need our assistance.

In these situations, the mates or others who advised their use of the software selected are often unable to help resolve issues their advice has caused.

Navigating firewall settings for software we have little or no experience with can be time consuming.  It takes us away from helping those who do follow our advice.  We estimate that 20% of our total Help Desk time investment is on security threat related calls and that half of these could be avoided by following our advice from the outset.

For virus and firewall protection we recommend using the advice contained in our firewall and virus advice sheet.

In the meantime, those who create the threats must love this waste of time and consumption of business capital.