Like any software Help Desk, our Point of Sale software Help Desk sometimes sees calls bank up where we are waiting for a client to call back with more information.   Where other software companies may close these calls, we place them in a waiting area of our CRM system. This waiting area is specifically for calls where we are waiting on our client to get back to us with some information, data or something else necessary for us to move forward on their service request.

Our Help Desk team follows up waiting calls, where we are waiting for a client to get back to us, several times.  If after three follow-up calls we make no progress on getting additional information, we let the client know that we are closing the call – but keeping details of the original call on their file for future reference.

This process of managing waiting calls ensures that we give our clients time to provide the additional information sought so that we can provide the assistance necessary to addressing the original issue.  It also demonstrates that we take our commitment to professional customer service seriously.

It all sounds a bit boring talking about Help Desk call management in this way.  However, we figured that it might be useful to explain how we do handle calls where we need additional information before we can help further.  We are proud of our structured process and that the result is a better outcome for our clients.

We see our Help Desk as our front line, the part of our company which most directly impacts on customer perception and, though this, our business performance.