Smart Lay By Software benefits Retailers and Shoppers

layby-management.jpgWhile many Point of Sale software packages offer Lay By facilities, few deliver flexibility which is vital in a retail situation.

We saw one software package recently where you had to tell the software that the customer wanteed to Lay By an item before you started processing the sale.  This is poor design.

Using our Point of sale software package, retailers can process the sale as a Lay By at any point in managing the sale.  This delivers excellent flexibility to the retail associates, the business and, most important, the customers.

From our Lay By setup facilities (see screen shot) through to sales counter processing, we ensure that we deliver the flexibility, security and accuracy which are vital to the enjoyably offering of Lay By services in any type of retail business.

We are grateful to the feedback from our customers which enables us to continue to evolve our Lay By software, to keep it best practice in our various marketplaces.

For good lay By software, check out Tower Systems.

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