We are continuing to lobby federal politicians on the EFTPOS fee changes bring brought in by EPAL, the company owned by the banks plus Coles and Woolworths, later this year.

The changes which are set to come into effect later this year will impact small business retailers, like our customers, considerably.  They look set to provide Coles and Woolworths with a competitive advantage.

So, we are maintaining our email and letter campaign to Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to ensure that they are fully aware of the potential impact on small and independent retailers. We are doing this with the knowledge of how much the changes will affect businesses like those we serve.  It is considerable given the trigger points established b the recent EPAL decision.

We are working closely with Tyro as well as the Australian Newsagents’ Federation on this.

So far, we have responses from six politicians.  The each say they will raise it further within their respective parties.  With others lobbying on this issue too we can only hope that those who can impact on the decision which has been made will act.

This is a big business versus small business fight.  We are squarely in the corner of small business, small and independent retailers in particular.