When we sell our Point of Sale software package we sell it offering perpetual use, with the title to the software resting with the business for which it was sold.

We don’t rent the software or price it is such a way that there is a compulsory support or licence fee to keep the software running year on year.

Sometime, our customers enter into funding arrangements which leave the funding provider in control of the assets at the end of the funding term.  This is a matter for the customer and the funder.  That said, this type of funding is one fo a variety available for the purchase of our system or any system.

Often, the funding is organised between our customer and their accountant.

How our systems are funded by customers and the status of software ownership is important because of reports that a competitor is saying that we rent out software and that people buying it do not own our software.  We do not rent our software.  Businesses wishing to purchase for total ownership can and do this with us.

Curiously, the competitor reportedly spreading these stories has a compulsory software licence fee which they charge customers each year.  We have seen invoices listing this as in excess of $3,000 per year.

Our advice to anyone facing a situation where a sales person speaks negatively about a competitor in order to get a sale – ask for proof of the claim being made.